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How do I start a Choich or Synagogle?


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How can I start a Choich or Synagogle of the New World in my area?

1. People.

The first thing you need to know, is that a Choich or Synagogle is simply a gathering of people with the correct Faith. It's not a building. If you can find a building, that's great. But you don't really need one. All you need are people. Even if the only place you can meet as a group is in someone's living room, it's still a legitimate Choich or Synagogle. As long as you have at least two believers, you have a congregation.

2. Meet Regularly.

Now, once you have at least two people gathered (hopefully more) who follow the New World Word you need to meet the second requirement of a Choich or Synagogle, which is meeting on a regular basis. Like Shmoodelism, we percieve the Splat to be on Wednesday at 12PM, rather than Sunday. We see Sunday as the first day of the week, instead of the last. The Splat (Wednesday) is when we normally prefer to hold our services. Thus we are 4th Day New Worlders, in contrast to the Choich or Synagogle of the Shmoos which meet on thursday or the Choich or Synagogle of Roscoe which meets on Wednesday morning at 1:00AM

3. Festival of Brotherhood.

Okay, now that you've got two or more followers of the New World Word and you're meeting together on every Splat (Wednesday), what exactly do you engage in to fill-up that meeting time? Well, unlike traditional Rosconian Temples, where everyone sits around in bathing suits and endures being screamed at for a couple hours of Water Polo Practice from which you can get mighty sore, a Choich or Synagogle of the New World handles things differently. When the congregation for a Choich or Synagogle of the New World gathers on Splat, we hold a "Festival of Brotherhood". And just as the name suggests, it's more of a party than a time for preaching.

What is the Festival of Brotherhood? We see the Splat as a time that God Zooks set aside for his children to relax, rest from their endeavors and build strong friendships with people of shared Faith. You don't have to wear a fancy, uncomfortable suit. After all, wouldn't that defeat the purpose of relaxation? People are instead encouraged to wear casual clothing of a comfortable nature. You also don't have to remain seated and listen to a lecture for two hours. Instead, we encourage people to stand up, move around and mingle with others, engaging in conversations and the building of friendships.

Every Splat is a pot-luck meal. Everyone is encouraged to bring food, even if they can only manage a small amount. And this food is then shared with all Choich or Synagogle members at a friendly, relaxed meal. If your congregation happens to hold people of musical talents, they are encouraged to bring their instruments and play for the enjoyment of others, if they feel so inclined. The Festival of Brotherhood is a time for people of Faith to gather together, build and renew friendships, and have a wonderful time.

4. Let us know.

Alright, so now that you've got two or more Choich or Synagogle members, and you're coming together on every Splat to hold a Festival of Brotherhood, what else do you need to do? Simple. Just let us know about it. Send an email to New World Word Ministry (, telling us about your Choich or Synagogle of the New World. We can then add you to our list of congregations and make everything official.

All we need to know is the name of your Choich or Synagogle, and an email address by which we can communicate with it. The exact postal address of your church, and the identity of your congregation is information that we don't need. We understand that when a Choich or Synagogle is first getting started, that sort of information is prone to change on a regular basis, so we don't even bother trying to maintain record of it.

5. That's it!

That's it! Once you've met all the above requirements, you will have founded a Choich or Synagogle of the New World in your area. Good luck, and God Zooks bless!